Installing / Upgrading

fiabilipy is in the Python Package Index, so it should be quite easy to install it. Multiple solutions are offered to you.

The main dependencies of fiabilipy are numpy and scipy and should be installed before.

Installing with pip

To install fiabilipy:

$ pip install fiabilipy

To get a specific version:

$ pip install fiabilipy==2.2

To upgrade to the last version:

$ pip install --upgrade fiabilipy

Installing on Archlinux

If you are using the Archlinux GNU/Linux distribution, an AUR package has been made. You can find it here. The major interest of using this package, is that it gets upgraded whenever a new version is available and you don’t have to manage dependencies.

Installing on Windows

Installing from source

If you would rather install directly from the source (to contribute, for instance), check out for the latest source on our repository:

$ hg clone
$ cd fiabilipy
$ python install