Welcome to fiabilipy’s documentation!


fiabilipy is a python package providing some functions to learn engineering reliability at university. With this package, one can build easily some components, put them together to build a complete system and finally evaluate some metrics (reliability, maintainability, Mean-Time-To-Failure, and so on).

fiabilipy also provides tools to describe a system by a Markov process and evaluating the probability of being in a given state.

Installing / Upgrading
Instruction on how to get fiabilipy
Start here to learn how to make your first system.
Some examples on how to perform specific tasks.
API Documentation
The complete API documentation, organized by modules.


This software is free - as in a speech - therefore, all contributions are encouraged, from minor tweak to pull request or just a little message ;)


See the ChangeLog for a full list of changes offered by each version.

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